The best of the Seedbox technology

SdediBox and SdediOne are technologies of Sdedi, the main actor of Seedbox hosting in France.
Sdedi Seedbox hosting solutions

Seedbox Hosting:
Sdedi solutions

As we have been operating Seedbox hosting for more than 5 years, we know exactly what you need: the best value, price and service.

We have optimized our entire platform to offer you different BitTorrent client interfaces and a choice of storage offers tailored to your needs.

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Revolutionary management interfaces
Unlimited storage
A connection speed up to 10 Gbps
A library and a unique video player
A mobile app for Android
A desktop application for Windows
BitTorrent Seedbox client with its ruTorrent interface

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the most advanced Seedbox in the world

An advanced Seedbox interface, many features and a security-oriented realization to facilitate the management of your Torrents files and increase your ratio.

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Simple and innovative Seedbox with unlimited storage

Zoom on SdediOne,
the future of the Seedbox

A simplified Seedbox interface, designed to download and stream your Torrents files with its unique library system

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What is Sdedi's innovation?

For several years, Sdedi has been the leading actor in terms of research and development of Seedbox technology. We have been able to concentrate our efforts to offer our customers the best Seedbox service and adapted offers, enabling them to take full advantage of our Seedbox technology.

This ability to innovate is built on the skills and excellence of our engineers, developers, technicians, and specialists in customer service.

We have made unprecedented commitments to earn the trust of our several thousand active users:

  • An experience based on simplicity, security, mobility and quality.
  • To offer to everyone reliability and the best access to our Seedbox hosting.
  • To protect personal data and users' privacy.
  • To innovate and share the benefits of our Seedbox technologies.