SdediOne - The future of the Seedbox

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Welcome in the future of Seedbox

A simplified interface to download and stream your Torrents files.
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Seedbox simple et innovante avec stockage illimite

Innovative and simplified Seedbox

Finally a really easy to use Seedbox, designed for downloading and streaming your Torrents files. SdediOne inaugurates a whole new approach to available storage capacity: you have an unlimited disk space.

SdediOne allows you to address your Seedbox otherwise. Add a new Torrent file without worrying about your storage, and watch it a few seconds later. Thats it, SdediOne, and thats the future of the Seedbox.

Organisation des videos seedbox sur bibliotheque integree

SdediOne Player

Your multimedia content is ready to be released. SdediOne is simply a revolution in the streaming of your multimedia content, it allows you to play your videos simply after having loaded them into your Seedbox.

SdediOne organizes your videos, arranges your multimedia content in an orderly manner with its unique integrated library system, and helps you quickly find what you're looking for.

Unlimited storage, €12 per month

You benefit from unlimited storage with Sdedione. You do not have to worry about exceeding storage space.
You can use as much disk space and bandwidth as you need to meet your needs.
Create an account
Free trial for 14 days
Unlimited storage
With SdediOne, you have all the disk space you need.
Nothing on your computer
SdediOne is installed on our infrastructure and accessible from a single browser.
Security and privacy
Your data belongs to you and we undertake to guarantee their confidentiality.
File retention
Our system allows self-deletion of your Torrents files after 7 days.