SdediBox - Seedbox 2.0

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Take your Seedbox in hand

With its brand new design and unprecedented features, the SdediBox mobile application
allows you to keep in hand the management of your Seedbox.

SdediBox Mobile for Android

Mobile seedbox application for Android

SdediBox Mobile

The SdediBox mobile app helps you stay connected to your Seedbox from your smartphone or tablet.

It allows access to its management interface, the visualization of the present files, but also the ability to restart your SdediBox.

Torrent files are synchronized on the Seedbox mobile application


Your Seedbox is automatically connected to your mobile, which makes your life easier. Everything is synchronized.

As soon as you refresh a Torrent file or a download on your mobile application, the changes are saved and appear on your other devices.

Torrent details on the Seedbox mobile app


The SdediBox mobile app lets you manage your Torrents files and track pre-loaded downloads and transfers.

As you can view this data from your mobile , you are sure to benefit from the latest information at any time.

Download the app

Requires Android 4.1 or later.
Current version: 1.1

This software can also download and install its updates automatically.

If you download the mobile app for Android, you must accept Terms and Conditions of the SdediBox service.